Hello there!~ Welcome to my first post.

What is Onish Streaming Projekt?

It is a project which is about an anime streaming site that is currently in development.

My main goal is to make this projekt pretty much equal, or even better than aniwatch.me and one of the main libraries I'm going to use to accomplish such results is reactjs & my devoted time in this projekt.

Things the site will include will be a homepage to browse newest/top/most favorited anime based on time, genres, etc., login/register your account, account page most likely for others to be able to see your stats that can be set private if client wants to, settings page can include settings of profile & import/export in MAL/AL format with a delete account option, anime page showing details of anime('s) date, genres, etc., anime stream page (stream with episode & seasons list if available), etc.

If you wish to know the current state of the site's development, got any questions or/and you wish to suggest anything.. Consider joining the discord server of this projekt: https://discord.gg/zFrHCZRQTH

However there's a couple things to keep count of:

  • As I started recently working on this projekt, started the new year to be more precise.. It'll take time until closed beta release but the deadline should be Summer 2023 for global(I'll try)
  • Projekt will be held private for testing whatsoever in it's first phases (a closed beta). If everything is confirmed to work as intended then it will be released publicy
  • Before releasing publicy, a VPS will be required to host the site on.. So... a monthly quota must be maintained for the site to be 24/7 available. Site wont get closed if it doesn't meet the monthly quota but please try to maintain it :)

This is pretty much everything I had to say to describe the website I have in mind, for now.

Questions & Answers

I can only imagine the generic questions one would come up with so.. I'll try to answer to everyone's questions.:

    Q.: will this site be available to everyone?

    A.: I plan to release it to a few however if I get enough funds from donors to sustain monthly quota then sure.

    Q.: will it contain subscriptions whatsoever?

    A.: no, and it will never.

    Q.: will it contain advertisements?

    A.: no. It will only have an optional donation page you can ignore if you don't wish to participate to the monthly quota.

    Q.: will it be maintained on a server?

    no, it will be maintained on my pc locally due to lack of funds.

    Q.: will it be released anytime soon? when did the development start?

    A.: It started on the new year, thus I plan to release it by Summer 2023 if possible.

As extra; I don't hire anyone. If you wish to help do so however know that you wont get paid, all I can do is thank.


I got inspired by the anime streaming sites to build my own site so I can't fall behind either. As long as I can satisfy overall fans with it, I'm satisfied as well.

Thank you for taking your time to read this~